Research projects

International projects

Opening Channels of Communication between the Associated Candidate Countries and the EU in Ecological Farming - CHANNEL

(SIXTH FRAMEWORK PROGRAMME PRIORITY [5] FOOD QUALITY AND SAFETY Contract No.: FOOD-CT-2004-003375 , 12 participating countries)

The below abstracts were published to the Final conference:

  • Presentation's Abstracts (Presentation abstracts of Final conference - English CD);
  • Summarised results of CHANNEL project (English, Summary of main results of the project, printed with CD annex).

Further  Development of post secondary education program in Ecological farming in EU dimension - COMPASS HU/02/B/F/PP-136009
(Leonardo da Vinci program; 4 participating countries)

A students book were published on the results of this project in English and in Hungarian for post-secondary students about Organic farming:

  • Organic Farming course book for popst-secondary education (with multimedia DVD) - Hungarian;
  • Organic Farming course book for post-secondary education (with multimedia DVD) - English

Development of central data bank on European level for the education of ecological farming advisers – ECOLOGICA
(Leonardo da Vinci program; 7 participating countries)

An e-learning education system was set up on each perticipating countries' language for organic farming

CerOrganic “Certify-Organic: Quality-Certified Training of Farmers on Organic Agriculture” LdV Transfer of Innovation
Mediterranean Agronomic Institute of Chania (MAICH), Crete, Greece.


Organic.Edunet: A Multilingual Federation of Learning Repositories with Quality Content for the Awareness and Education of European Youth about Organic Agriculture and Agroecology
eContent Plus project:

  • Full portal was established on 16 languages on the topic of Organic Farming and Agroecology
  • Database was created for OF and AE for education, research in different leveles
  • Education scenarios were set up to help school and univeristy education on OF and AE

Hungarian projects

  • OTKA – Seed treatment preparation technology in organic farming
  • GAK - Elaboration of the genetic basis, management and control of production of the Hungarikum quality poultry meat
  • GAK - Possibilities of environment friendly substances in organic tomato production