Research activities

The most important task of our Department is education. Besides education, all research topics of the Department are concerned with Organic Farming and playing an increasingly significant role. At the Research and Experimental Farm of the Faculty of Horticulture, Soroksár, our Department actuates a 17-ha fully converted, inspected and certified land, on which both students and staff of the Department can make experiments according to the standards of Organic Farming.

The most important research topics at the moment:

  • Elaboration of the genetic basis, management and control of production of the Hungarikum quality poultry meat;
  • Possibilities of environment friendly substances in organic tomato production;
  • Vegetables in companion planting;
  • Organic technologies and adaptations in animal husbandry;
  • E-learning and M-learning curricula and technology development

PhD topics:

  • Possibilities of mulching in vegetables;
  • Methods of organic seed treatment;
  • Mechanical weed management of carrot;
  • Investigtion of tomato landraces in Central Hungarian Region.

The most important international research projects

In EU6 Framework:

  • Opening channels of communication and research in the EU and newly accessed (EU Candidate) countries about Ecological farming - CHANNEL (12 participating countries)
    - completed

in Leonardo da Vinci programme:

  • Further  Development of post secondary education program in Ecological farming in EU dimension - COMPASS (4 partner countries participating); - completed
  • Development of central data bank on European level for the education of ecological farming advisers – ECOLOGICA (7 participating countries) - completed
  • Quality-Certified Training of Trainers on Organic Agriculture - CERORGANIC (6 participating countries)

in eContentPlus programme:

  • Organic.Edunet: A Multilingual Federation of Learning Repositories with Quality Content for the Awareness and Education of European Youth about Organic Agriculture and Agroecology - completed

In EU7 Framework:

  • BIOFECTOR - Resource Preservation by Application of BIOefFECTORs in European Crop Production (11 participating countries)  Project webpage - ongoing

Research and development

The system of available financial resources and subsidies for research has changed or ended in recent times and new prospects are scant. Thus professors and researchers are inspired to search for other potentials and apply tenders. Our Department has been applying for national and international research and development topics successfully for years.

Our plans

Enlargement of corporate research work and further relationship with national and foreign research institutes in topics concentrating on the preservation of living environment and ecosystems in horticulture and agriculture.

We are intent on solving problems which may occur during the comprehensive introduction and dissemination of Organic Farming and conversion.