Soil managment is an important basic subject for our Department. Students can  get detailed information and practical view of soil tillage and connected farming activities which is essention to achieve a well established horticultural production. Animal husbandry and crop production are build on this base during the later semesters in the frame of Animal husbandry, Crop productioon and Encyclopedia for animal husbandry and crop production. Most important subject of our Department is Organic Farming which was educeted as optional one from 1992 and divided into 4 separate course in 1994 in 240 hours. Curriculum contains organic horticulture and agriculture principles. Students get familiar with processing, trading, research advisory and farming regulations also.

Fields of education

  • theroretical and practical organic farming, crop production, animal husbandry, soil management;
  • BSc and MSc level education;
  • organic farming introduction into horticultural and agricultural production with the highest respect to environment.

The Department has lectures on BSc, MSc and PhD level in Hungarian language, and BSc level in English language.