Department history

Before 1991 our Department, under the name of Department of Agricultural Production, was part of the Economic Institue, and later started to work as a separate unit. Its present name, the Department of Ecological and Sustainable Production Systems was given in 1999. While its main pursuit has not changed, the change in its name marks the increasing emphasis of organic farming.

Soil management is a major course at the Department, within the confines of which, students of horticulture may acquire the basics of cultivation, a crucial part of horticultural production. We have been teaching this course since 1994.  

One of our most significant subjects is Organic Farming, launched in 1992, which used to be an elective course in the traditional training system,   and since 1994 we have been teaching it as a compulsory elective “B” course for four terms, all together  in 240 lectures. In its curriculum the organic principles and approach of horticulture and agricultural production are taught. Our students can acquire mastery on processing, trade, research, advisory system and production regulators. After launching the Bachelor training system, Organic Farming became a compulsory course for all Horticultural Engineer BSc students.