Department of Ecological and Sustainable Production Systems


The main principal of Department of Ecological and Sustainable Production Systems is education; to make horticultural engineer students familiar with the issues of the agricultural production and presenting knowledge of theoretical and experience level from the topics of plant production and animal husbandry. Important basic subject is soil management that enables horticultural students to get acquainted with the elements of soil tillage related to horticultural production.

Organic Farming is the topic of high priority in our Department, which shows the whole scale of agriculture to horticultural engineers. They can have knowledge of ecological way of looking about horticulture and agriculture as well.

They are going to attain the principles of Organic Farming so they will be able to take part in production, research, processing, advisory system, marketing and special administration.

Besides education, research work is also important in the field of Organic Farming.

The Department issues MSc and PhD topics in organic farming.

Lecture notes are written and published at the Department, one of which, Arable crop husbandry was published in 1994. Our textbook with the title Organic farming I.-II. was published in 1999 and 2001. Our further textbooks are the following: Arable crop husbandry, Alternative crops I-II., Crop husbandry without borderline, Animal products in organic approach.

Further possibilities: Development of advisory system, based on the topics taught at the Department. Students participating in Socrates/Erasmus programmes are welcomed at our Department.

Our Department takes part in the education of Horticultural engineer BSc, BSc in Environmental Management, BSc in Agricultural Informatics and Rural Administration and a BSc in Business and Rural Development students. At post secondary level  we are planning to launch an Organic Farming Assistant Engineer program in the future.

Future plans

Enlargement of corporate research work and further relationship with national and foreign research institutes in topics concentrating on the preservation of living environment and ecosystems in horticulture and agriculture. A new organic farming MSc system is setting up uponth e request of our Faculty.

We are intent on solving problems which may occur during the comprehensive introduction and dissemination of Organic Farming and conversion.